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SMPP Interface

Wavecell SMPP Servers support SMPP Protocol version 3.4.

2.1 Bind Operation

2.1.1 Settings

The following settings need to be used to connect successfully:

  • smsc-id: WavecellSMPP
  • host:
  • port: 2775
  • smsc-username: SUBACOUNTID
  • smsc-password: PASSWORD

2.1.2 Enquiry Link

In order to ensure you remain connected to receive any delivery reports requested, set Enquire_link requests to at least 30 seconds.


Upon initial connection you will need to provide your SMPP Client's public IP address. Without supplying this you will get connection failed to SMPP SMSC.

2.2 Type of Message Format

Wavecell SMPP Servers support several types of message format. 

The format in which you can send will depend on your account. We currently support the following:

  • Standard Short Message
  • Unicode
  • Flash
  • Binary
  • WAP Push
  • Concatenated Messages

At the very least when sending a message to Wavecell SMPP Servers you will need to specify the following parameters:

  • source_addr: "4444"
  • destination_addr:"123456789"
  • short_message: "testing"

Our servers will detect the message type using the DCS and ESM_Class Values your client supplies. Please ensure your client sets the correct values when submitting messages.

  • Standard Test Message: DCS = 0 0x00000000 ESM_CLASS = 0 0x00000000
  • Unicode: DCS = 8 0x00000008 ESM_CLASS = 0 0x00000000
  • Flash: DCS = 240 0x000000f0 ESM_CLASS = 0 0x00000000
  • Binary: DCS = 4 0x000000f5 ESM_CLASS = 64 0x00000040
  • WAP Push: DCS = 245 0x000000f5 ESM_CLASS = 64 0x00000040

If you have delivery reports enabled on your account, specify the following to request them:

registered_delivery: 1 = 0x00000001

Other parameters can be left as default on your client application.


If you do not provide correct source and destination address your message will not be routed successfully.

2.3 SMPP Delivery Reports

Wavecell SMPP Servers support a both final and intermediate delivery reports. The type you will receive depends on your account and route configuration.

To receive delivery reports on the SMPP Connection please ensure when you submit SMS messages set the following:

registered_delivery: 1 = 0x00000001

2.4 Delivery Status Codes

Deliver_sm will come from our servers with the following codes depending on message state:

  • ENROUTE 1: The message is in enroute state, buffered
  • DELIVERED 2: Message is delivered to destination
  • EXPIRED 3: Message validity period has expired
  • DELETED 4: Message has been deleted
  • UNDELIVERABLE 5: Message is undeliverable
  • ACCEPTED 6: Message is in accepted state
  • UNKNOWN 7: Message is in invalid state
  • REJECTED 8: Message is in a rejected state

Other parameters will be sent in the SMPP connection packet. This includes ESM_Class, data_coding, short_message. Each of these will conform to SMPP Version 3.4 Specification.


If you do not provide correct source and destination address your delivery reports will not be routed successfully.

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