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Powered by Jitsi, the video meetings platform developers trust.

8x8 Jitsi as a Service is an enterprise-ready video meeting platform that allows developers, organizations and businesses to easily build and deploy video solutions. With Jitsi as a Service we now give you all the power of Jitsi running on our global platform so you can focus on building secure and branded video experiences.


For business owners and leaders

  • Reimagine every customer touch point
  • Peace of mind with privacy built in
  • Your brand and experience instead of theirs
  • Up and running in your website and apps in minutes
  • With predictable pricing you can count on

For developers and IT leaders

  • Loved and used by thousands of Jitsi developers
  • Leverage 8x8’s proven, global communications infrastructure
  • Built-in standards-based, end-to-end encryption
  • A ready-to-use, best-in-class meeting experience
  • Cross platform, no-code/low-code and fully customizable

Building Connections

Healthcare Everywhere

Providers can deliver care anywhere with secure, HIPAA-compatible video meetings integrated into their websites and EHR platforms to instantly connect with patients for consultations, prescription renewals and post op follow-up.

Online Education

Teachers can deliver engaging online lessons using video meetings integrated into learning management systems that make it easy for students to connect with the teacher, classmates and content.

Reimagining Technical Support

Youtube DIY videos have their limits. You’re wiring up new recessed lighting in the kitchen. Before spending hours on hardware store round trips and straining your marriage, imagine purchasing a 30-minute 1:1 video meeting with an expert who teaches you how to complete the wiring quickly and safely.

Saving Field Services Time

Your master plumber is onsite at a commercial building and needs verification of an old pump. He instantly connects with the warehouse using video meetings embedded in their company app to visually validate the correct part is available.


Ready to use meetings that are predictably affordable

Almost all meeting solutions charge on a per-minute per-participant basis. If you have 10 people in an hour long video session, you’ll be charged for 600 minutes. Those charges add up very quickly, and it’s nearly impossible to forecast what your costs will be.

We decided to switch it up. We’re charging on a Monthly Active User (MAU) model. This brings predictability into your costs and reduces your monthly bill dramatically. Pricing starts at $0.35/MAU and decreases based on volume. And if you just want to kick the tires and learn more about Jitsi as a Service we offer a developer package option that lets you have up to 25 Monthly Active Users for free.

An MAU is defined as a unique user who attended at least one meeting, with at least one other user, in the same month. To determine a unique user, we store an identifier on the device’s local storage, and that will remain the same as long as the user uses the same browser and same device and doesn’t clear their local cache data. Mobile is similar. An identifier remains across updates and gets removed if you delete the app.

Plans that scale with your business

Developer Basic Standard Business Enterprise
25 Users 300 Users 1.5K Users 3K Users 1M+ Users
Free $99 $499 Contact Sales Contact Sales

Comprehensive meetings features in every plan

Features Description Jitsi as a Service
Video Experiences
Audio sharing Users can share system audio in a meeting from a device or browser tab
Bandwidth controls Users can monitor their connectivity quality and adjust their video bandidth
Configure, enable and disable features Configure, enable, and disable features to build the experience you want end users to have
Controller mode The ability for any participant (not just the host) to mute, control volume or remove other participants in meeting
Dominant speaker indication Indicates who is the dominant speaker at any given point in time
Group chat Send messages to every video meeting participant
HD Audio Opus Codec
HD Video Ability to support 720p video
In-meeting connection indications Show information about connections status, such as bitrate, packet loss, resolution, frame rate and estimated bandwidth
Phone access to meetings Call into meetings using 80+ dial in number options (11 toll-free) for 58 countries
Private chat Send private messages to individuals in a video meeting
Push to talk mode Mode in which all speakers stay muted unless they press the spacebar key to speak
Raise your hand Participants can discreetly indicate they have something to say without interrupting the current speaker
Remote desktop control through electron integrations Control the mouse and keyboard movements of another user remotely through electron integrations
Screen sharing Share your computer screen and choose which applications or monitors to display
Smart layout Dynamically control app layout and display based on audio activity. Automatically or manually switch between tile and stage view, automatically focus on any participant and manage screen sharing
Your brand experience Brand the experience with your company information. No 8x8 or Jitsi branding shown anywhere in the app
YouTube Video Sharing Users can share a YouTube video for everyone in the conference to see
Meetings as a Service Platform
End-to-End Encryption for video meetings True end to end encryption even with videobridge for desktop video meetings
GDPR requirements for data processors GDPR compliant for data processors
Highly available massively scaled global infrastructure Real-time automatic scaling of compute capacity to ensure the right capacity is always available
HIPAA Compatible 8x8 is HIPAA compatible and can provide a BAA. It is incumbent upon users to operate the technology in a HIPAA compliant manner.
Industry-leading Service Levels 99.99% Platform Uptime SLAs
Localization of interfaces Record the audio, video, and screen share from a meeting. Save it to reference later or to send to those who could not attend.
Open and industry standard encryption Encryption using DTLS-SRTP to secure video
Secure passcodes The ability to set a passcodes to provide an additional layer of security
Webhooks Configure, enable, and disable features to build the experience you want end users to have

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