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SMS Features:

Intelligent Routing

No congestions or delay - SMS automatically gets routed via the fastest route

Bulk API

Able to process large volumes of messages in one request - no delay

Traffic analysis

Provides a detailed report and analysis of traffic, categorised by volumes, destinations, delivery status and more

Messages Branding

Easily customise your sender ID to better represent your company

Unicode Support

Send a message in any desired languages - Wavecell is capable of encoding all unicode characters

Local Constraints Converter

Focus on your content without worries on regulatory requirements - messages are automatically adapted without hassle

Long Text Support

No more word limitations or broken texts with Wavecell - long messages can be sent in one single text

2-Way SMS

Want to send a message and be able to receive a response? Now, you can. (in enable countries only)

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Integrate our single or bulk API and start sending messages from your mobile or web app easily

Campaign Manager

Build and deliver engaging SMS campaigns directly from our dashboard, without technical skills