Wavecell: One of Top 45 Best Startups in Singapore

In the very heart of the city we call home, Singapore is fast becoming one of the most desirable places in the world to set up a company. From APAC headquarters of global companies to fledgling startups, there are a number of startups in Singapore that has outrun their counterparts.

Wavecell is proud to be mentioned in Pagan Research’s article, recognised as one of the top 45 startups in Singapore.


Wavecell offers Messaging Solutions and Live Video Interaction for any platforms such as applications, websites, and services. It simplifies real-time communications using Messaging Solutions and Live Video Interaction [for any platforms such as applications, websites, and services].

Year Founded: 2010
Funding Info: $9.9M in 3 rounds (Series B), as of Jun 7, 2017
Lead Investors: Qualgro VC, Wavemaker Partners & MDI Ventures

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