Wavecell raises Series A Funding

Wavecell raises Series A Funding

Cloud communication provider Wavecell raises S$2.3 Million in Series A Funding led by Qualgro Asean Fund

Wavecell, the Singapore-based Cloud Communication API provider, announced today a series A investment of S$2.3M / US$1.6M led by Qualgro Asean Fund with participation from Wavemaker Partners.

The company helps Enterprises and Application Developers to communicate efficiently with their customers over SMS, Voice, Chat & Video within their existing products and services. It does this by providing a complete set of developer tools and web-based interfaces that can be used seamlessly in any communication use case.

Wavecell, which started in 2010 and was self-funded, successfully grew its business with a team of 10 to more than 500 active enterprise customers across an extensive range of industries such as e-commerce, telecommunication, digital marketing and CRM platforms, finance, insurance and transportation.

The funds will be used to strengthen its proprietary technology platform and broaden its product offering range, while expanding its presence in Asia Pacific by scaling up the sales and marketing teams and opening local offices in such countries as Hong-Kong, Thailand and Indonesia.

“We are thrilled to have very supportive VCs who have made the choice to trust Wavecell that invests in the future of real-time enterprise-to-consumers communications to meet the growing demand for SMS & Visual interaction services in Asia, especially South East Asia”, said Olivier Gerhardt, co-founder and CEO of Wavecell.

“We have chosen Wavecell as they have built a great team and are well positioned to address the growing need for A2P SMS, Chat and Video communications, which enables organisations from enterprises to startups, to engage seamlessly and at lower costs, with their customers across Southeast Asia. We would like to help grow Wavecell into a strong regional leader” said Heang Chhor, Partner at Qualgro Asean Fund.


About Wavecell

Founded in 2010 in Singapore, Wavecell provides innovative Cloud Communication APIs that help Enterprises to integrate multi-channel communication capabilities into their products and services. Wavecell’s customers can enable SMS, Voice & Video in their mobile and web applications to support global communication use-cases.

Wavecell services can be used in more than 200 countries with a simple integration.  For more information please visit: https://wavecell.com

About Qualgro Asean Fund

Qualgro Asean Fund is a venture capital fund investing in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific region. The fund invests in technology and digital-based businesses (marketplaces, web services, P2P platforms, C2C platforms), in SaaS-based business models, as well as in education and healthcare. The fund is led by Heang Chhor, former Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company.

About Wavemaker Partners

Wavemaker Partners is an early-stage, cross-border venture capital firm with dual headquarters in Los Angeles and Singapore. Since 2003, Wavemaker Partners have invested in more than 170 Internet, Mobile and Enterprise technology startups across Southern California and Southeast Asia. Wavemaker Partners is a member of the Draper Venture Network, the world’s leading venture capital collective with 15 firms spread across 4 continents.