Wavecell’s Successful Everest Summit – “To greater heights”

Wavecell’s Successful Everest Summit – “To greater heights”

Against all odds and 36 hours of life-changing determination, the Singapore-based French entrepreneur, Paul Valin, successfully made his summit to the highest mountain in the world.

Wavecell, Asia’s leading cloud communications platform, announces Paul Valin’s successful Mount Everest expedition. Wavecell supported his expedition to conquer the unforgiving ascent in a bid to contribute to the Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children – a non-profit organisation providing all-rounded care and support to needy children in Nepal –  alongside other sponsors.  Other sponsors include Maltem Consulting Group and The Great Room, and Holmusk.

Valin, Founder of Samara Consulting, has more than 10 years of global experience in investment banking and corporate finance advisory. “This is indeed a dream come true for me and also the hardest 36 hours of my life. It’s the support from my sponsors and the desire to raise funds for the Mitrata-Nepal Foundation that pulled me through. This is indeed a rewarding cause”, explained Valin.

Valin’s love for mountain climbing started when he was six years old. He had since dreamt of scaling Mount Everest. He attempted his first Everest climb in 2014 when he had a ‘close brush with death.’ The base camp was tragically hit with an icefall that took the lives of 16 sherpas.

More on his pre-climb featured cover with Lifestyleasia.com here.

The challenges that come alongside mountain climbing have brought great inspiration to his entrepreneurship journey. It has also driven his desire to help startups expand into new territories. Wavecell, Asia’s leading provider of cloud communications solutions – specialising in enhancing customer experience for businesses – could relate to Valin’s passion for success.

Olivier Gerhardt, CEO & Co-Founder of Wavecell added, “I have always admired Paul’s perseverance in life and his professional work as well. His values are in line with what Wavecell believes in – diversity, leadership, service excellence and entrepreneurial spirit. I understand that it is a gruelling journey for Paul but he managed to succeed. We are all very excited and proud of his achievement.”

Part of Wavecell’s donation will go to support the mission of the Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children. The team at Wavecell cannot help but commend Valin’s Everest accomplishment and indeed, a beautiful scenery at the top!