Video Interaction

Solve customer problems, no matter where you are

From consultations to insurance claims to customer support, our Video Interaction API lets you be there, even when you can’t.

Live Support With the Click of a Link

Gone are the days of long phone calls and emailed screenshots. Our Video Interaction solution lets customers start a live video chat with agents to get real-time personalized service.

Connect Instantly

Designed for mobile users on-site or on the go, there’s no need to download any video chat software.

Reduce Operational Costs

With our Video API platform, you can stop sending multiple agents into the field or wasting time by showing up with the wrong parts.

Solve Issues Faster

File claims, assist field agents, provide consultations, or answer customer questions directly with live video.


Connect Instantly

Just click a link and connect

Video Interaction is completely web-based and designed for mobile phones, meaning customers don’t need to hassle with downloads. Once they click your link, you’ll both be connected.


Reduce Operational Costs

No more “wasted” service trips

With our video API, problems can be diagnosed or solved remotely, you’ll save time, reduce waste, create efficiencies, and streamline processes — all because agents aren’t running all over town.


Solve Issues Faster

Interact with customers or agents in real-time

Whether an expert is advising a field agent or an insurance adjuster is filing a claim, our live Video Interaction tool lets doctors, teachers, field agents, and customer support teams solve issues in the moment customers need help most.


Trust Is Earned Face-to-Face

Just because you can’t be on-site, doesn’t mean you can’t be there. Our Video Interaction platform improves customer service, provides assistance, and builds trust face-to-face.


See your customers’ device location to tag captured photos with timestamps and GPS.


Record all live video calls for compliance or training purposes — you keep ownership.

Integrated Chat

Use our in-app chat feature to share URL links, images and send comments.

Logs and reports

Easily access your call logs and shared images through the customer portal.

Easy Invitation System

Launch a live video call by sending an SMS message with a link.

Photo Capture and Annotation

Capture images, annotate them, and share them during your call.

Automatic call distribution

Let customers initiate calls and automatically connect to available agents when the video chat starts.

Remote Camera Control

Control your customer’s mobile camera to capture high-quality photos/videos.


Get started instantly. No integration or customization needed — just get an account and you can start.


Integrate into your existing web application or mobile app by using our API and iFrame mechanism.


It’s Time to Change the Way You Talk to Customers

Remote Support

Improve customer satisfaction, decrease costs, and provide better support to field agents.


Process claims faster by seeing damage, reduce resource costs, and virtually onboard new clients.

Customer Engagement

Walk customers through documents, improve conversion rates, and build trust.


Decrease walk-ins with live video consultations, remotely monitor patients, and increase overall satisfaction.

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