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WhatsApp Business API

Advanced two-way chatting on the world’s most popular app

Track deliveries, personalize content, and get instant customer feedback with our WhatsApp Business API.

Tailor and automate your messaging processes

Run an advanced, digital communications strategy that builds relationships and engages customers on their terms.


Create transactional messages and notifications to start conversations with our WhatsApp Business API.

Integrate with
Your CRM

Continue to use your existing CRM by integrating WhatsApp for Business.


Have better conversations by sharing rich content like images, videos, and documents on WhatsApp for Business.

& Custom

Make recommendations, offer delivery updates, or ask for feedback.


Perfect for Every Company, from eCommerce to Retail to Banking

8x8’s WhatsApp Business API lets you offer customer support discussions, delivery and read notifications, secure alerts, warnings, and urgent communications on the world’s most popular chat app.


Utilize multiple support services like Zendesk or Salesforce through our plug and play integration.

Read Receipt API

Messages receive a blue tick, showing customers their message has been read.

Template Management

Create customer WhatsApp templates through our Customer Portal.

Managed Infrastructure

We manage your WhatsApp infrastructure so you’re always up-to-date.

Multichannel Sender

Send messages from our customer portal, no integration needed.

Send Rich Template

Your template messages can now contain media too.


Leverage WhatsApp end-to-end encryption and HTTPS support to keep your conversations secure.

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