Build Customer Trust with Voice

8x8 makes it easy to keep personal information private while improving traditional communication experiences.

Data privacy is the name of the game these days...

Whether you’re a property manager who needs to contact renters privately, a ride-hailing app, or arranging a homestay for a stranger, keeping your personal information private is a must. It’s also required by law in a number of countries.

Call Masking

Our voice messaging API keeps numbers anonymous and stays in compliance with privacy policies and regulations.

Voice Messaging

Instantly communicate notifications, authentications, voice OTP and one-time passwords.

App-to-App Calling

Personalize the experience for your users by enabling in-app calls over VOIP.


Call Masking

Make phone calls with complete anonymity

With increasing privacy regulations and laws, it’s more important than ever to keep private information private. Our Voice API features a phone number masking function that keeps you in control of your information.

  • Connect your users while maintaining their privacy
  • Provide an added layer of security
  • Build custom logic to support your needs
  • Use local numbers to connect your users

Voice Messaging

Send notifications as voice calls to improve delivery rates

Our text to speech software turns your text into a voice call, improving the odds that passwords, notifications, alerts, and other sensitive data will be received.

  • No call length limit
  • Choice of voices and pre-recordings
  • Reach landlines, improving answer rates

App-to-App Calling

Stop forcing customers to leave your app to make calls

All app-to-app calls go through an IP network giving you total control over the way the call looks for a better experience.

  • Built-in phone number masking
  • Embed directly into your app code
  • Provide names and pictures instead of area codes
  • Easier to provide recordings (when needed)
  • Use data instead of consuming customers’ mobile minutes

Private, Simple, Secure

Our Voice Messaging solution lets you deliver important information efficiently, giving customers what they need without all the back and forth of emails or service reps.

Interactive voice response

Our text to speech solution provides the best customer experience by adding multi-level IVR menus to your call flow.


Localize your voice calls with our text to speech platform, available in 45 local languages.

Logs and

Easily access your call reports through the customer portal.

Virtual phone numbers

Voice-enabled virtual phone numbers allow your customers to call you bridge calls and connect participants

Numbers pool management

Use convenient API methods to manage and configure your pool of virtual phone numbers.


Programmatically connect callers, play TTS or sound files, or capture Dual Tone Multi-Frequency inputs

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