Video Interaction

Redefine your customer experience and get in touch with your customers anytime, anywhere

Enhance your customer experience using Video Interaction

Support your team by providing them with an efficient tool for customer communication. Gone are the days of traditional phone calls, emails or sending screenshots. With Video Interaction, you enjoy seamless communication at the comfort of your own desks.  


Video Interaction Features

Easy Invitation System

Easy Invitation System

Leverage on various methods to launch the Video Interaction call through SMS to enable a seamless invitation process


Improve interactivity by annotating on images, documents and directly on the video screen in real-time

Integrated Chat

Integrated Chat

Complement the Video Interaction experience with an in-app chat messaging feature to share URL links, send comments and more

Remote Camera Control

Remote Camera Control

Control your customer’s camera features such as flashlight, zoom in or out to capture high quality photos/videos

GPS Location

GPS Location

Obtain the location of your customers’ device to tag captured photos with timestamp and GPS

Photo Capture & Sharing

Improve call reporting by sharing photographs during the video call

Automatic Call Distribution

Customers can start video calls, and will be automatically connected to available agents

Logs & Reports

Easily access your call logs and shared images through the customer portal

Add-on Features

Video and Audio Recording

Record your video interactions for training of documentation purposes

Integrate into various platforms

Launch a Video Interaction call directly from a web browser, mobile application or integrate into your own application

Ready for instant deployment,
optimised for integration

Benefit from a scalable, fault-tolerant, and latency-optimised infrastructure. Enjoy a service that seamlessly operates across various browsers and devices.

Instant Deployment

Our Video Interaction API can be deployed instantly without modifying your existing IT infrastructure
  • Admin Dashboard
  • WebRTC
  • Agent Console
  • Mobile Application

Seamless Integration

Our Video Interaction solution can be fully integrated within your existing environment
  • CRM Plugin
  • Rest API
  • Single Sign On
  • Javascript Javascript