Wavecell at CIE 2018 & CILF 2018, Shenzhen, 11-13 Oct

Wavecell at CIE 2018 & CILF 2018, Shenzhen, 11-13 Oct

Talk to Wavecell about SMS API, Chat Apps API (WeChat, WhatsApp), Voice and Video Interaction Solutions at CIE 2018 & CILF 2018.

Customers today expect real-time communication through the most efficient channels. How can companies offer faster and more seamless communication through multi-channel communications solutions?

Wavecell helps its customers in China communicate with their customers, both within China, and internationally, through its messaging, voice and video interaction solutions.

Wavecell has been at the forefront of cloud communications solutions in Asia since it was founded in 2010. Seven years on, it serves over 500 enterprise customers such as Lazada, Traveloka and Tokopedia.

Why our customers trust us:

  • Reliable cloud communications platform and infrastructure
  • Strategically located and focused on the Asia-Pacific region, with 24/7 global support
  • Diversified portfolio (eCommerce, Fintech, logistics, transportation, telcos, digital platforms)
  • Strong connection with all Telco operators with global coverage

Integrate Wavecell’s solutions into any platform


Automate your transactional and marketing messages to local and global customers via our SMS API or web-based SMS sender

  • Enhance security with mobile one-time passwords (OTPs) using Mobile Verification API  
  • Ensure high response rates when interacting with your customers using our all-new SMS Engage API
Chat Apps

Communicate with your customers through various chat app channels, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Google RCS, and more

  • Manage campaigns using a single chat API across chat app channels, including SMS fallback
  • Upgrade engagement with customers using Chat Apps that support rich content
Video Interaction

Allow customers to enjoy seamless engagement anytime, anywhere, with Video Interaction

  • Virtually walk your customers through complex documents or issues
  • Reduce the use of resources, costs and fraud with GPS location and live support
  • Remotely support customers or onsite technicians and decrease the time needed to resolve cases

Leverage on Voice API to convert texts to calls for your app to upgrade your customer engagement

  • Sensitive data can be delivered through Voice, since the data will not remain on the end-users’ phones
  • In addition to mobile phones, Voice messages can also reach customers through landlines

Meet the Wavecell team at CIE 2018 – We will be at Booth B6140 Hall 6.